Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Off to Wales and England

I fly out to London on Thursday and then head directly to Cardiff with George W. Bush (well my Bush theater piece at least). I will spend a week in Southern Wales and hopefully will explore some. I love the Welsh coast and haven't been for some time. You can get details for Saturday's show in Cardiff here.

After Wales I am off to the Greenbelt Festival. Few places feel like home like Greenbelt did last year--with the Tiny Tea Tent, the amazing presenters, the off-beat theater and progressively cool Christians (and others). They even have an organic beer tent! Come on how cool is that!

For all you Greenbelters, I have a tentative schedule of what and when and where I will present.
Engagement 1
Event: The rE-Education of George W. Bush
Date: Saturday 25th August 2007
Venue: Mandarin
Start time: 19.30 End time: 20.45

Engagement 2
Event: Doin’ Time in the Homo No Mo Halfway House
Date: Sunday 26th August 2007
Venue: Mandarin
Start time: 17.00 End time: 18.30

Engagement 3
Event: Drama Workshop
Date: Monday 27th August 2007
Venue: The Mix (ages 11-14)
Start time: 16.15 End time: 17.45
In addition to the shows, I have a few weeks to knock around and visit with friends. Still working on the schedule. So many Brits, so little time!



At 9:39 AM , Blogger Allyson Dylan Robinson said...

A few *weeks*?! Oh, Peterson, I feel like singing that 70's song...

"Yooouuuuuu-ooooo left me, just when I needed you most..." =(

(Sorry...I had a positively *awful* day yesterday, made worse by the fact that it should have been positively *wonderful*. I'll get over it! Today is a new day!)

Travel safe, perform true, be blessed!

At 10:39 AM , Blogger Peterson Toscano said...

ally, ally, ally, darling, don't think of it as me leaving you. Rather think of it as me getting closer to you by going the long way around. I mean if I keep traveling east, I will eventually get to Texas. :-)

Sorry about the awful day. Let's talk before I leave.


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